If You Are Feeling Weary, You Are Not Alone.

I have begun to notice a shift with many clients and friends over the past week. It is like we have entered into this new phase of isolation/social distancing/stay-at-home way of being. Many of us rallied to do what needed to be done and we have stayed the course. We have settled into the routines of our new way of work, e-learning, cooking and round the clock clean-up. And we have physically separated ourselves from others.

And now many are “totally over it”.

I am hearing how folks are tired of the restrictions and tired of the mundane. AND that is COMPLETELY understandable. This shift is happening for lots of folks and some may be feeling themselves slipping into a state of weariness. When we feel weary and tired and bored, sometimes there can be an urge to rebel and sometimes it can lead to a place of hopeless – feeling like today is going to look like the day before and the day before looks like the day before and so on and so forth.

It may be time to assess if this is possible. I remember so many times during grad school when I was working two jobs, going to class, studying, taking care of my home and every day felt like the day before. Many times, I thought I was totally going to lose it or give up and jump off course completely. I kid you not. I had to shake things up from time to time in order to find renewed life and renewed energy and renewed focus.

Many of us say we do not like change but it is more likely that we don’t like change that is imposed on us. Change and variety (on our terms) can be energizing. Sometimes we have to add some variety in order to get that second wind. (And potentially a third and forth and fifth wind).

Maybe today is the day you do something different than the day before and the day before that…especially if you have felt yourself slipping towards weary.

Here are some possibilities…

Start a challenge with friends. – I am doing a daily yoga and plank challenge with a group of ladies.

Write notes of encouragement to send to others.

Write words of affirmation on post-its and hide them in your home for your kids or spouse to find.

Begin learning a new skill – calligraphy, an instrument, origami, card tricks. Show others what you’ve learned.

Try a new recipe. Add some unique things to your grocery list for the week.

Play balloon volleyball in your living room. Turn it into walleyball if you so choose.

Have crazy hair day – not just “don’t do your hair” day.

Get dressed up for the day.

Skip down the street with your kids.

Write a surprise sidewalk chalk message to neighbors but don’t let on that it was you.

Find a new musical and learn the songs and sing them loudly.

Watch funny cat videos.

Set down your screens for the day.

Bring back some of your old favorite tunes.

Plant something and begin caring for it.

Start looking for and identifying birds in your neighborhood.

Set up a zoom with an old friend or with family.

Read through joke books.

Play with legos.




If you are feeling the weariness, you are not alone. It doesn’t make you weak and it doesn’t make you ungrateful for what you have.

If the discouragement and weariness is getting too heavy. Please reach out to your people. Or reach out to a pastor, support group or therapy office. You are not alone.

Please continue to care well for yourself. 


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